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Attendance Policy

Please review the attendance policy below:

Rockland Regional Adult Learning Attendance Policy

All students are expected to attend classes from 5:30-9:00 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings as applicable. Spaces in classes are limited; for this reason, students will be dropped from the program once they have missed two class periods in a cycle. This allows Waitlisted students the opportunity to attend.

The only way a class will be considered excused is for the following reason:

1) Medically necessary and a doctor's note has been given to your counselor.

What to do if you will be absent:

If a student will be absent they should email their counselor. In the email state the reason for the absence and who your teacher is.


Mrs. Flanagan,

I will be absent from class tonight. I am having car trouble. My teacher is Mr. Liquori.

Thank you,
(Your Name)

Adult Diploma Students (ADP) should email Mrs. Flanagan at:

Career Pathways Students should email Gloria Watanabe at: