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Portfolio Guide


Your portfolio is a reflection of all that you have learned during your four cycles. A portfolio needs to be in final copy form. This means careful editing, neatly organized, and meeting the specified requirements of the assignment. Before your graduation date, a committee of your teachers must approve your portfolio. They may ask you to come in to correct some of your work. They may tell you that all the elements of a Life Skill have not been met or that information is missing. Please take their guidance and work hard to make your portfolio something you can be proud of and that reflects who you are as a learner. The following is a scoring rubric that the committee will use to assess whether you are ready for graduation:

Graduation Portfolio

  • 10 Life Skills neatly organized, in correct order, typed, double- spaced, and 12 font.
  • Each Life Skill is edited with correct spelling and sentence structure, in paragraph form if applicable, with proper use of punctuation.
  • Life Skills are not plagiarized and proper credit is given to sources used.
  • Life Skills are completed, with all questions thoughtfully answered, and all required elements complete.
  • Portfolio includes a resume and cover letter.

You will be provided help and time to complete this portfolio. Be sure to ask for help when needed.