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Senior Portfolio Lesson 3

Searching the Internet

The Internet As a Search Tool For Information

The Internet is one of society’s greatest achievements. The abundance of information now available to anyone with a computer is phenomenal but can also be overwhelming. Much of the information is accurate, however some is not credible. As you complete your final Portfolio, you will find a majority of the work requires using the Internet. This lesson focuses on the Internet as a tool for finding factual information. Search engines are a good method for locating factual answers.

Understanding the fundamentals of how search engines work will help you become a better researcher. Search is easy but some practice and technique will take you a long way. These lessons will help to teach you some basic tips and tricks. You will learn how to use general search options, advanced search options, and search operators to help you find quality pages to meet your information needs. Additionally you will practice choosing which links to click on in search results, and how to judge those search results in order to validate the authority of the sources you choose. Search results produce information in many different types of content. You will be introduced to methods of searching for information that will provide results to your queries in a variety of media formats and bodies of knowledge. This lesson concludes with an internet search assignment and student presentation.

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  Internet Search Assignment

  Lesson 3 PDF

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